National Poetry Day – Here’s One I Did Earlier

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Although generally this site is about travel today the UK is celebrating all things poetic with National Poetry Day 2013, and although I’m not in the UK right now I thought it was only appropriate to throw up one of my poems in a Blue Peter “here’s one I did earlier” fashion.

I would have loved to have written a travel poem for today, or maybe even a poem following this years theme, however I only found out the event mere moments ago and although it’s only midday in the UK out in Korea it’s getting late. That said I want to at least try write a travel inspired poem this weekend as I have a rather good idea for one.

Why Poetry Is Important

It’s easy to forget about poetry  in the modern age with our busy lifestyles and a million other things going on, sometimes the beauty of a poem is forgotten or sidelined. Its disappointing but that is why

“Today’s a chance for people to use poetry to say things that can’t be said in prose.”

 National Poetry Day is an important event as it allows us to share our favourite poems with the world, and maybe even help inspire us to write our own.

I feel the best way to sum up the importance of poetry comes from the National Poetry Day’s official website “Today’s a chance for people to use poetry to say things that can’t be said in prose.”  Without further ado my poem:


Nothing More


At the centre of my chest

I can feel your heart beat from within my breast

Our love so entwined, and equally as divine

Forever, what is yours is mine

Nothing more than a hollow cavity within my chest

From your heart once beating, I now detest

A love once so wild and free

Nothing more than a distant memory

For all the long walks in the sand

For all the times we wondered hand in hand

When those red bells chimed

I knew we would be forever locked in time

Blood dripped out from within my chest

A heart once whole, now in arrest

A scarlet letter found upon your floor

I am nothing more

Than a blood stain at your door

National Poetry Day 2013

I wrote this poem for Valentines day this year as part of a writing class I was taking. I did enjoy writing the poem although I often find poetry difficult and expressing emotions does not come easily for me. The poem means a lot to me although I feel that explaining it would defeat the purpose of it as I feel everyone get something different out of art, and poetry is no different… art is personal.

I would love to hear what you thought about my poem or my post in general, did you partake in National Poetry Day? Leave a comment below!

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