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Currently Travel Supermarket are asking bloggers all over the world to “capture the colour” in an attempt to bring travellers all over the world together in a sea of red, green, blue, white and yellow. I thought it would be fun to give it a go as I have the odd photo lying around so here is my entrance to the Capture the colour contest this year.

The majority of the photos I’ve chosen are from Japan but considering that was the latest big trip I’ve been on it is not a surprise really. Anyway I hope you enjoy my selection for the contest.


Itsukushima Shinto Shrine - Capture The colour

It was difficult finding a picture that suited the red criteria and although the Torii still looks rather orange to me I double checked and it is in fact painted in Vermillion which is a shade of red. Anyway this photo shows the Torii gate at Itsukushima shrine commonly known as “the floating Torii gate”


Windy Hill - Capture The Colour

 Taken at Windy Hill on Geoje island, South Korea I feel the rich mix of blues in the photo help to add a great feeling of drama on this very windy day.


Sunflowers in Japan - Capture The Colour

Taken in the vibrant village of Shirakawa-go a historical town located in the mountains of Japan. The village offered many beautiful locations and this field of sunflowers I felt framed the traditional houses beautifully.


Mount Fuji head in the clouds - Capture The Colour

Although I found white the hardest category I was surprised just how well this turned out as it was taken on my Galaxy S4 and not my regular camera. This photo was taken on the way down Mount Fuji in the early morning, the cloud formation is fascinating and helps highlight some of the beauty of Japan even when you head is in the clouds.


Explosive Takayama - Capture The Colour

Taken at the Autumn festival held in Takayama the photo was a zoomed in shot of one of the many men brave enough to hold explosives in his arms, all for the sake of tradition.

I hope you’ve enjoyed look through some of my favorite photos which one is your favorite? I wish all who enter the best of luck in spreading the colour!

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  1. Agness says:

    What a great selection of photos. It's gonna be a hard decision for me to pick up one, but I will go for… the blue one. I love Holland and windmills always remind me of great moments I had last summer. I couldn't believe the photo was taken ij Japan. I really need to make it there soon!

  2. HitchHikersHandbook says:

    Lovely photos, Alex!
    If you like photography, we’d like to invite you to participate in the next edition of our popular Travel Photography Competition. Here are the details:
    Happy travels!

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